Interrail Trip – The planning (Part 1)

Unlike many travellers who just pick up their passport, back-pack and go – I planned my Interrail trip in great detail. I did this in order to experience as much as I possibly could from the 1 month that I had and also at the cheapest price possible.

Here is a guide to how I planned for my Interrail trip:

Firstly, I bought the ‘travel everyday within a period of 1 month Global Pass’ from the Interrail website. Once I had bought this pass I then chose the countries and cities that I wanted to visit during my month traveling. I had to think realistically about how many places that I could sensibly fit into the month I had available. I went with eleven cities within eight countries, and decided to spend on average two to three days in each place.

Amsterdam – Dortmund – Brussels – Zurich – Munich – Budapest – Vienna – Krakow – Prague – Berlin – Halle

Next, I booked accommodation for each place that I was visiting. This varied across many different types of accommodation. It depended on the place and the price. For example, when in Amsterdam I stayed on a Botel. Which is a hotel that is in fact actually a boat, either small or large sized. This was a unique style of accommodation that I have never stayed at before. But chose it this time because it was reasonably cheap and highly recommended to me.

Another type of accommodation that I used was hostels, and in particular the Budapest party hostel Instant Groove. The party hostel had a club located a floor below, with free entry for guests of the hostel. If you want to party hard in Budapest this hostel is definitely the place for you. Especially at such a low cost.

Another quirky style of accommodation that is deemed very popular amongst Interrail travellers that I used is sleeping on overnight trains. I did this in order to travel a long distance at night to enable me to spend longer in cities.

However, the main type of accommodation that I used throughout my month away was small apartments, as they were cheaper than hotels, more private than hostels but practical nonetheless. To book the majority of my accommodation I used the app, as I was then able to keep track of my bookings whilst travelling.

Collection of my pictures of accommodations from my Interrail trip:



Iceland – The breathtaking beauty

Seeing the Northern Lights in person was something I had always dreamed of doing but was also something I never thought that I would get the opportunity to do. As it approached the end of winter in the UK, it seemed the perfect time to go.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. And personally I have never been to a more beautiful, peaceful and safe place before. The streets were covered in snow and the houses all painted multi coloured – some even painted with a design. If someone offered for me to live there I would take it (if it wasn’t so cold however).

Whilst in Iceland you have to visit the famous geothermal spa, The Blue Lagoon. There’s so much to do there, from simply soaking up the healthy water in the outside pool to enjoying indoor saunas and steam rooms. Whilst there you can enjoy a drink from the pool side bar, try natural face masks from the boutique shack or even book massages. All from the comfort of the blue lagoon’s main pool.

As the sky turned dark and night fell there was one wish I had dreamed would come true and that night it did. After standing out in minus 10°C s for hours upon hours staring up at the sky hoping and wishing to see the beautiful Northern Lights – they finally appeared. Standing under something so complex and stunning; it completely took my breath away. I fell silent. Everyone did.

The following day consisted of the Golden Circle Tour, which is a tour that covers about 300 kilometres looping from Reykjavík into the southern uplands of Iceland and back round. On this tour I visited a Tomato farm, which I have to say I had certainly never done before. Experienced Geysirs of great heights. Endless land covered by a thick blanket of snow. And finally Gullfoss waterfall. It was at this point that I realised that I was so fixated on seeing the northern lights in Iceland that I certainly didn’t realise the many many more natural beauty’s that this country had to offer. Everything about this trip was perfect, the food, hotel, area, tours and even the weather. (Being from the UK this is a rarity.) I simply cannot wait to go again.

No.1 Piece of advice:

No.1 Place for Coffee:

Collection of my pictures from Iceland:

Rome – The first solo holiday

Rome was the destination of my first ever holiday without my parents – the first solo holiday.

It was my first time going through airport security alone, flying alone and being in a foreign country without them there. It was a terrifying experience at first; to be somewhere completely new without my parents there planning everything. But after a while it became completely normal to me. And if i’m honest I now much prefer it. But I won’t tell them that of course!

Instead of staying in central Rome like most people do when visiting the city, I stayed a thirty minute train ride outside of the capital in a traditional Italian town called Frascati. Known by many for its wine. Staying there allowed me to explore a little bit more of Italy – which is something I would definitely recommend to people. As there were more sights  to see and restaurants to try out. This also allowed me to stay at a hotel with a hill top swimming pool, which offered quite a sight. It also meant that I could split my holiday into both a city break  and pool relaxing holiday. Meaning I was able to soak up some of the September Italian sun whilst sipping cocktails by the pool.  Which definitely made the holiday even more of a unique experience.

Rome is full of such beautiful and historical architecture. Growing up I had always seen pictures of the Colosseum, but standing in-front of the ancient amphitheatre was far more breathtaking than I ever could I have imagined it being.

I found navigating around the city to be quite easy if you use landmarks to help remember the route. During my time in Rome I was able to visit all of the ‘must see’ landmarks, including: The Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and The Vatican/St Peters’s Basilica. I would strongly advise anyone who plans on going to Rome to visit these places – they are a must see!

No.1 Piece of Advice:

  • Stay outside of Rome for the opportunity to have two types of holidays in one, as well as to to experience more of Italy.

No.1 Place for coffee:

  • Hotel Villa Mercede, Frascati
  • Traditional Italian styled coffee served all day and night.
  • I personally found it to be perfect whilst sitting by the pool late at night.

Collection of my pictures from Rome: